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Introducing the online vintage marketplace. Connecting vintage lovers around the world with our handpicked collection of toys, clothes, and essentials. From adorable plushies to educational games, Kiddo Treasures is your one-stop-shop for creating magical childhood memories, and artfully curated online marketplace.

Woman’s Clothes COLLECTION

Cozy Bliss Awaits!

Wrap your world in warmth with our collection of All Blankets. From snug throws to adorable kids' blankets, find comfort for every moment.

Plush Paradise Awaits!

Dive into cuddly joy with our Plushes collection. From adorable animals to cozy companions, discover soft treasures for every hug-worthy moment.

Elevate Your Style!

Explore our collection of College Neckties - a perfect blend of campus pride and sophisticated style. Upgrade your look with these timeless accessories.

Timeless Elegance Unveiled!

Explore a curated selection of Vintage Clothes that redefine style. Embrace the charm of yesteryear with our unique collection for a fashion-forward journey.

Nostalgic Playtime Beckons!

Explore our treasure trove of Vintage Toys. From classic games to iconic playthings, let the joy of yesteryears enchant a new generation.

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